American Homeless Veterans

CoFAV’s Mission

The Circle of Friends for American Veterans provides advocacy for those who deserve it the most and have it the least. A 501(c)(3) organization with no membership requirements or cost for participation, the Circle of Friends for American Veterans (COFAV) brings the cause of homeless Veterans to the attention of the American public and holds the politician’s feet to the fire by putting them to work for homeless Veterans.


Here are some of the ways the Circle of Friends for American Veterans

fulfills our mission:


Awareness and Support

for Veterans

Many veterans’ organizations are effective in their mission of lobbying the Congress for needed Veteran benefits. The Circle of Friends for American Veterans takes a completely different tact by influencing public opinion, and thereby affecting public policy in support of Veterans, particularly homeless Veterans.

Through coordinated sustained earned media campaigns, COFAV informs the public of the issues veterans face, encouraging Americans to take action on these issues. Through its efforts to spread awareness, COFAV increases support for local programs which support homeless veterans, broadcasting the good work they do to veterans in need and potential donors alike.

By highlighting Congressional support (and inaction) in efforts to address these issues, COFAV leverages public opinion, putting pressure on lawmakers to finally put veterans first!



Bill of Rights

For years, the Circle of Friends for American Veterans has relentlessly contacted Members of Congress to affirm a Veterans’ Bill Of Rights (VBOR), which does not support any specific legislation, but indicates elected officials support for making veterans’ a top national priority.

The VBOR for the 114th Congress calls on Congress to take oversight action to reduce veterans’ wait times at the VA, and stop the TENS OF BILLIONS in waste at the Department of Veterans Affairs, each year. With this money saved, tens of thousands of homeless veterans could be housed, and an untold number of other services could be provided, at no additional cost to the American taxpayer.

To date, over 300 current and former Members of Congress have affirmed the VBOR, including over 120 in the 114th Congress, alone.


200 Forum


The Circle of Friends for American Veterans has hosted 200 consecutive, monthly forum/receptions featuring over 50+ Members of Congress and over 30 Presidential appointees from the Department of Defense. These programs include rallies around the country highlighting and promoting the programs of non-profit facilities for homeless veterans.

COFAV utilizes broadcast, print, and social media to create public awareness on the challenges American Veterans face, and promote action to solve these problems. In recent years, COFAV has been featured in dozens of radio interviews around the country, promoting local homeless veteran facilities, as well as action on the broader issues the organization addresses.


Direct Financial


Over the years, the Circle of Friends for American Veterans has written modest checks for over 30 transitional facilities with a disciplined format for otherwise homeless Veterans. Veterans must be drug- and alcohol-free, well groomed, and willing to work, if able.

COFAV also helped raise over $1,000,000 for a new wing to be added to the S.E. Veterans Center in Washington D.C.